Computer Solutions for Dentists

We understand the need for a computer system in a dental office. We have helped 100's of offices with their computer hardware and networking needs. We have worked with software such as Dentrix, Practiworks, Trojan, Easy Dental, DentiSoft, Practice Web, Schick Technology, Eagle Soft, EZ 2000 Dental, TDOCS, TDO and SoftDent.

Our Technicians have a through understanding of how a dental office operates, and they have the knowledge to assist you in setting up the right pieces of equipment to get the best results. All our technician go through months of training before they are sent to a job site. Thus, making Ashtel Studios a very reliable place to do business.

If you have an existing office or a brand new one we can assist you in your purchase. Not only with the hardware, but also help you select the right Practice Management Software that will fit your needs.

The computer has revolutionized every type of business; big and small. Until today, unless you were a big business, computing solutions have been largely unaffordable.

Astronomical prices, bad customer service, and shoddy products have made the world of computer solutions unattractive to the average business.

Ashtel Studios, however, is committed to brining you superior service combined with superior price. Our company structure has been designed to meet the needs of each individual client.

"Ashtel Studios provided me with the most practical solution, not the most expensive."
- Spectrum Paint Corp

"Their customer service knew me by name, and would actually call periodically to check up on me."
- Abiant Health

"Ashtel Dental Tech Support helped me troubleshoot computers, none of which were purchased from them!"
- Tri County Dental Supply

Let our expert staff provide you with unparallel service. We custom build computers to meet client specifications, provide network solutions and support, and serve any and all computing needs. We are committed to meeting all your business needs.


Existing Office:

Depending on what the project entails. We will draw out a customized proposal for your office. If there is any wiring that needs to be redone, or any old computers that might be of use we will note it in the proposal. Once the plans are drawn out we will figure out if we need a handy man to join our team to help us with the wiring through some difficult to get to places. Once the wiring is setup, we will start with the computer installations and then train the staff to use the computers.

We can help you become a completely digitized office or even a paperless office if required. Some doctors prefer to go wireless in their office to achieve mobility between the operatories. We can help you setup a wireless network as well.

New Office:

New offices are always good, during the construction process we will communicate with your contractor to figure out the dimensions of the cabinets to purchase the right size desktops. We will coordinate with the dry wall team so we can install the wiring before the walls are up. Once the wiring is in place and we have figured out the dimensions of the cabinets, and locations of each unit, we will go ahead and custom build each PC according to the specification required by your software vendor. Once the contractor completes your office our team will move in and complete the networking and setup your dental practice management software. Once everything is setup and ready, we will train you and your staff the basic on how to access your software, the right way to backup your server every single day.

Our job is not complete here. Once everything is finished, and we have trained your staff we will call you 30 days later and make sure everything is functioning up to your standards. We do these follow up on a regular basis to make sure all our clients are satisfied with our products and aren't facing any problems. We understand the important to uptime in a Dental Office and what kinds of losses you might concur when your computer fail.

Our hardware is typically warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase. If there are any problems on the networking or any issues you face after the 30-day period we do charge a technical support fee. This fee can be setup on an hourly basis or on a monthly basis.