ASHTEL STUDIOS : Dental Office Solutions

Ashtel Studios has a very technical savvy team that has several years of experience. All of our technicians go through rigorous training offsite, and then are sent onsite with a senior technician to learn how to communicate with a client, how to behave at a jobsite, and to complete a job that is assigned to them. Our main goal is to satisfy our client's needs.

All of our technicians are distributed through out Southern California. Each one managing their own region. Which in turn makes it very convenient for our clients. As a client you only deal with one person. The one person that is the most familiar with the setup at your office. If for any reason any of our clients aren't comfortable with any of our employee's or if the employee is on leave and assistance is needed. We have a backup technician ready to go. In turn, making sure that you are never left hanging with Ashtel Studios. As mentioned above over main goal is your satisfaction, and we will make sure this is achieved.

We have specialized network installs in a dental office environment because we are familiar with the major dental practice management software's as well as major radiography distributors. We have specialized technicians that have been trained to setup a dental office. Each technician that sets up a dental office is aware of the technology and equipment used in a dental business. Our team attends all major Dental Conventions to educate ourselves with the most recent technology in the market.


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