Data Backup

Ashtel EZVault - Critical Data Backup Solution

Example One:

A dental office was equipped with standard Windows backup software setup to back up all the Dr.’s data from his server into a single external hard drive. The software was programmed to run daily, after hours. For the first few months, the Dr. was persistent at checking his backup logs and verifying that everything was working appropriately. Soon, he became overly confident in the limited system and stopped checking it. One rainy day he walked into his office and his server room was flooded with water. The server was completely damaged; luckily his external drive was on the desk and was in good condition. He was able to plug it in and see all his files. The only problem was the last backup on that hard drive was 3 months old. He had had a power fluctuation 3 months prior to this flood, at that time he had to unplug his harddrive to restart the server and he never plugged it back in, and forgot to check his backup logs.

Solution: With Ashtel EZVault the very next day of the power fluctuation he would have received an automated email from our system letting him know the backup had failed which would have triggered him to call us and we would have found out that the harddrive was unplugged. A simple automated email would have saved this Dr. 3 month of data.

Example Two:

A Dr. had 5 external drivers for additional assurance. Sadly, his office was broken into and all the equipment from his office was taken. His server, hard drives, monitors, and much more was missing. Nothing was left for the data to be retrieved.

Solution: In this case, the internal backup setup was more than adequate and could prevent most, but not all, issues. Ashtel EZVault online backup would have the data stored on our server at a remote location. Once server was replaced, the data could be retrieved from our servers and restored immediately.

Ashtel Dental has always been a pioneer in modern and more capable dental practice solutions. We have strived to provide excellent service and reliable products at reasonable prices. Ashtel EZVault is the new addition to our line.