Data Backup

Ashtel EZVault - Critical Data Backup Solution

How does Ashtel EZVault work?

EZVault software is installed on your server and our technicians configure your backup to be done based on your preferences. We recommend the backup to be performed a daily basis, after hours. We can configure it to be done instantly, by the hour, day, week, or month. The software is completely customizable: you can select individual files or complete folders to be backed up. Once the software is setup, you will start receiving automated emails whenever a backup is completed.

What to expect when the first backup is done?

Depending on how big your database is it can take several hours or several days for the first backup to complete. T online backup is based on how fast your internet speed is. A standard Cable or DSL connection can backup anywhere from 1 – 2 MB´s per minute. If you have more than 2GB of data to backup, I would recommend you use our express initial backup service.

What is the express backup service?

This is a service we provide for a larger practice with a larger database. It could take days or even weeks to perform your initial complete backup. Ship us a hard drive with a complete backup, which would be downloaded to our remote server. Once done, we ship your hard drive back to you. This eliminates the time consuming initial backup. Subsequent daily backups are much smaller, and take much less time.

This service can also be used if you ever needed to retrieve your complete data. In a situation where all data was lost, the entire database can be sent to you overnight. We would send you a harddrive with your entire database. You would copy it to your server and send the harddrive back to us. The service fee for express backup service is $199.

Do I need any hardware for local backup?

External hard drivers are needed to perform local backups. We recommend each office utilize at least 2 hard drives, as they are inexpensive and a second local backup is just that much safer. If you do not have hard drives, your representative would be happy to send you a quote.

Do I need any hardware if I just want to do the online backup?

No, you do not need any hardware for the online backup as the data is getting stored on our servers

Is Ashtel EZVault Safe? Can anyone see my data?

Ashtel EZVault is extremely safe. Your data is encrypted from the time it leaves your office, until it downloads to the remote server. The remote servers are extremely secure as well. Your data is only viewable by you. Our system is HIPAA compliant and you are the only one with access to your data. The password is so secure that if you do not have your password, there is no way to retrieve that data. We recommend you choose a password that only you know and to make sure you remember .

What kind of customer service comes with Ashtel EZVault?

We provide professional unlimited phone, email and remote support as long as you are a Ashtel EZVault customer.

How do I know how much space I need to purchase for the online backup?

You simply have to check how much space is being used by the files you would like to backup. E.g. if you wanted to see how much space you needed to backup your Practice Management Software database; you would access your server, then access the drive in which Practice Management Software is stored, right click on the Practice Management Software folder, highlight and click properties, and it would show you how much space is that folder taking up. This is a also how to find out information about the other software you would like to back up. Just add up the totals of the different files you want to backup, and you can tell your representative how much space you need to purchase on our server.

What happens once I fill up all the space I purchased?

The system sends out automated emails when you are close to filling up. When you get this email we would recommend you call our support team to move you up to the next tier.