Pro Delivery System

Pro Dental Unit Euro Style with assistant’s instrumentation - Model PRO31C

Standard Features Part No. Less cuspidor
Individual non-retracting water coolant control   Yes
Hinged control head   Yes
Standard three-way syringe with autoclavable tip 70-19548 Yes
Standard flex arm with air lock 70-19484 Yes
Standard junction box, includes preset regulators   Yes
Master on/off switch   Yes
Purge system   Yes
Wet/dry foot control 70-55R535 Yes
Plastic B-size tray 70-20633 Yes
Pro post-mount utility center Less cuspidor
Pro cuspidor with glass bowl No
Manual bowl rinse (on/off) No
Manual cup filler (momentary) No
Pro assistant’s utility center Yes
High volume evacuator and hose Yes
Saliva ejector and hose Yes
Solids collector Yes
Factory Options   Part No. Less cuspidor
Additional handpiece control and tubing—up to a total of 4   70-30237 Yes
Foot control, wet/dry with chip blower—in place of standard   70-55R527 Yes
Touch pad control on unit head for all chair functions
—operates DC1335 & DC1235 chairs
Remote control toggle for cuspidor on handpiece control   70-20117 No
Stainless steel tray and anti-skid pad   70-30R573 Yes
Self-contained water system   70-45R649 Yes
Piezo 115V scaler with power supply   70-30R870 Yes
Vacuum switch on utility center, low voltage   70-85R372 Yes
Additional high volume evacuator & hose   70-55R411 Yes
Additional HVE with hose and holder   70-30252 No
Air outlet quick disconnect on utility center—3/8" Q.D.   70-20064 Yes
Additional Quick-Clean syringe—with autoclavable tip   3432 Yes
Additional Quick-Clean syringe and holder   70-30253 No
Water outlet and flow control on utility center—1/4" Q.D.   70-20065 Yes
Additional umbilical per foot   70-20130 Yes
Power optic system 120 variable ISO B installed (5-pin)   70-22421 Yes
Power optic system 120 variable ISO C installed (6-pin)   70-22422 Yes
DELETE standard assistant holders, add telescoping arm   70-19593TG Yes
DELETE one handpiece position     Yes
DELETE assistant’s instrumentation from cuspidor     No
DELETE rigid assistant arm, holders, and vacuum     Yes
DELETE junction box, cover, and utility center     Yes