Swing-Mount Delivery System

Alliance Swing-Mount Euro Style without assistant’s package - Model 1267

Standard Features  
Rotating system design quickly and easily converts from left- to right-hand position Yes
Straight aseptic tubing for three handpieces Yes
Master on-off control Yes
Individual drive air adjustment Yes
Individual non-retracting water coolant adjustment Yes
Purge system for handpiece tubing Yes
Convenient brake release for flex arm Yes
Pre-wired with 8 conductor cable for accessory addition Yes
Wet-dry foot control Yes
Floor utility center with regulators and shut-off valves Yes
Self-contained water system with city water/bottled water selector Yes
Patented quick-switch system for water bottle Yes
Plastic B-size tray Yes
Factory Options   Part No.  
Additional handpiece position—up to a total of 4   70-30237 No
Additional handpiece position Euro style   70-30296 Yes
Single tray arm assembly   1080 No
Double articulating tray arm assembly   1265 No
Stainless steel tray and anti-skid pad   70-30R573 Yes
Touch pad control on unit head for all chair functions
—operates DC1335 & DC1235 chairs
Cuspidor rear swing-mount with assistant’s vac kit (hydraulic only)   1294 Yes
Rear mounted assistant vacuum   70-22201 Yes
Additional high volume evacuator and hose   70-55R411 Yes
Additional quick-clean syringe with autoclavable tip   3432 Yes
DCI chair mounting bracket assembly for swing-mount   70-20156 Yes
Bel 20 chair mounting bracket assembly for swing-mount   1036 Yes
Swing-mount post kit (required for light only)   70-22645 Yes
Additional umbilical per foot   70-19687 Yes
Power optic system 120 variable ISO B installed (5-pin)   70-22421 Yes
Power optic system 120 variable ISO C installed (6-pin)   70-22422 Yes
DELETE utility center     Yes
DELETE junction box, frame, and cover     Yes
DELETE one handpiece position     Yes