Einstein Lumica

High Image Quality CCD

Super high quality CCD developed for intraoral images, produce more realistic color, higher resolution, and more natural gradation sequence.


New data processor was specially developed for intraoral images. It processes the image data from CCD sensor to deliver more smooth, low noise images with realistic color


  • Light Source/4 LED Lights
  • Transmission/Microwave Transmitter
  • Attachments/Battery pack, Charging stand
  • Disposable Covers (20 covers/sheet, 100 covers)
  • Lens Protective Covers (3 sheets, 15 covers)
  • Functions/On board memory: 64 pictures
  • Dimensions/25mm x 255mm
  • Weight/64.5g

Super Magnification

Macro Lens Cap
This auto clavable 50 times magnification lens cap shows the details, which cannot be seen on naked eyes or loupes. Small cracks or fractures on the tooth become enlarged to provide vivid visual aides and bring more awareness of oral conditions among your patients.

Dimensions (WxPxH) : 0.07 x 0.06 x 0.07 (inch) / 20 x 15 x 18 (mm)

* Macro Lens Cap is sold separately from Einstein lumica.