Einstein Wireless

The upgraded Einstein ver.2 wireless intraoral camera captures and stores up to 16 images in its onboard memory. Capturing and reviewing images can be easily done right at fingertips. The Einstein ver.2 can work with your RF receiver and the Copernicus monitor flawlessly.

  • Super portability, just like an electric toothbrush
  • Instant set-up; No wiring required
  • No more struggling with cables
  • Compact & Ergonomic
  • Light weight: only 4.4 oz.

Anti-Fogging Pin Lens with a diameter of 0.02-inch

The newly developed pin lens with a diameter of 0.02-inch solves the problem of condensation, which occurs when patient's breath makes contact with the lens.

White LED Lighting
The LED lights around the pin lens maintain original realistic colors and do not require bulb replacement.