ExtraOral-Digital Bel-Cypher

Standard Features:

  1. Digital panoramic (child, adult), 4 view lateral and Bitewing (child, adult) imaging 
  2. Simple to use
  3. Sharp images can be obtained, even with mild positioning errors
  4. Smooth X-ray head height adjustment with one-touch release
  5. High-frequency X-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation
  6. Three-laser beam alignment system for correctly positioning patient mid-sagittal, frankfort and focal-trough planes
  7. 60-80kV, 2-8mA
  8. 0.5mm x 0.5mm focal spot
  9. Fast 10 second scan time
  10. Reliable CCD sensor technology for the aquisition of 12 bit images 
  11. TWAIN driver included