Quolis Alphard 3030-Cone-Beam

Standard Features:

  1. Four variable acquisition modes: Cephalometric CT, Implant CT, Panoramic CT and Dental CT (for small focus area diagnostics)
  2. 17 second scan time
  3. Exposure Area/Voxel Size:
    200mm x 179mm / 0.39mm Cephalometric CT
    102mm x 102mm/0.2mm Implant CT
    154mm x 154mm / 0.3mm Panoramic CT
    51mm x 51mm / 0.1mm Dental CT
  4. Cesium scintillator flat panel detector has a dynamic range of 64 x 8 bits
  5. Built-in collimator automatically sets the exposure field based on exposure mode
  6. High frequency X-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation.
  7. 60-110kV (adjustable in 1kV increments), 2-15mA
  8. 0.6mm x 0.6mm focal spot produces excellent image clarity
  9. Exposure area indicating beam/ automatic patient positioning mechanism
  10. Remote positioning controller allows speedy positioning when close to the patient
  11. Integrated, electrically operated patient seating
  12. ACR software
  13. DICOM compliant