Extraoral Film-Digital EX-2000

Standard Features:

  1. Panoramic (child and adult), 4 view open & closed TMJ imaging and P.A., A.P. and lateral cephalometric views.
  2. Simplified controls permit operator to select kV and either Panoramic, TMJ or Cephalometric mode; mA and exposure time are constant
  3. Three-light beam system for alignment of patient mid-sagittal, frankfort and focal-trough planes  
  4. X-ray head height can be adjusted to accommodate adults or children, both seated and standing
  5. Specify left or right cephalometric arm
  6. 60-90kV, 10mA
  7. 0.5mm x 1.0mm focal spot
  8. Rotational speed adjusts to reduce shadow effect on the film of the cervical vertebrae
  9. One 6”x12” Kodak Panoramic film cassette
  10. One 8”x10” Cephalometric film cassette
  11. UL listed