Practice Web

3D Graphical Tooth Chart:
Practice-Web is the first dental software to introduce 3D graphical tooth chart based on Microsoft.NET platform.

Some of the powerful features:
Dental office user will be able to reposition any tooth to match the patient's true condition, which includes impactions, tipping, and drifting. If an RCT is present, the roots will be transparent. If a primary tooth is present, the permanent tooth will show underneath it, just like it is in real life. User will be able to reposition the unerupted permanent tooth. All dimensions are in precise millimeters.

Following are some example charts:

Following is an example of mixed dentition with unerupted teeth:

3D Tooth Movements:
Three parameters for shifting and three parameters for rotation of each tooth are allowed. Let us review from the integrated 3D clinical chart, which comprises four sections, namely, 3D tooth chart, progress notes, images section and planned appointment.

The enlarged 3D tooth chart below displays various conditions such at tipped and shifted teeth, unerupted tooth, bridge, etc.

Movement Parameters :
The three shift parameters are mesial, occlusal and labial. The three parameters for rotation are rotate in place, mesial tip and labial tip. E.g. tooth #8 and tooth #32 below.

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