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After May 23, 2007, Federal law prohibits all carriers from accepting any electronic transactions submitted by provider, if you have not secured and are using your National Provider Identifier (NPI). This includes claims submissions, claims status, attachments, online claim management, and online benefit or eligibility inquiries. Without the NPI, you will be unable to do any of the above-mentioned transactions electronically or through your Practice Management Software (PMS).


Apply for an NPI number from the government appointed enumerator:

  • Health care providers who wish to get an application form may contact the NPI Enumerator in any of these ways:

It is our understanding that this process takes approximately 30 minutes and that you will receive confirmation of your application, and can expect to receive your NPI number via e-mail in one to five business days.  We also understand (i) that downloadable applications are also available, (ii) that faxed applications will not be accepted and (iii) that processing of paper applications is expected to take about 20 business days.


Report the NPI to your payers. You can do that via ONE of the following three methods:

  • Send the NPI on an electronic claim through your Practice Management software.
  • Fax it to payers
  • Mail it to payers

When faxing or mailing your NPI, please include your name, TIN, address, and phone number on your office letterhead.  

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