Practice Web

Welcome to the most Modern Dental Software using next generation technology.

It Includes comprehensive clinical (3D tooth chart, v4.2 & higher) and pe rio charts, insurance & patient billing, appointment scheduling, unlimited fee schedules, e-claims, interfaces all major radiography systems, direct image capture from intraoral cameras & scanners, interfaces to external insurance databases, appointments reminder systems, online patient eligibility check, online patient registration, consent form with signature pad support, user-defined report generator and much more. Please call 866-274-8351 for the 15-min. session on the trial version.

Practice-Web Full Trial Version

A. Download the file to Windows desktop. Double-click to open and start the Practice-Web installation. Click Next to continue until Finish.

B. When the PW Installer launches, select ‘New Server’, click on install and follow the prompts until the PW Dental installation is completed.

C. While in MySQL installation, check on the box ‘Skip Sign-up’ and in the last screen, uncheck ‘Configure Now’.

D. Click OK until all items are finished then close the dialog and double-click on Practice-Web Dental icon to start the trial application.

Full trial version allows entering up to 30 patients. If you need to install DOTNET Framework on workstations, please download and install the files below.

Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1

Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0