Practice Web

Practice-web is the first dental software to offer 3-D tooth charting based on next generation Microsoft.NET platform (now part of Windows Vista) Practice-Web includes appointment scheduler, clinical & perio charting, patient and insurance billing and insurance plans history with customization of several areas. For example, it allows offices to create their own reports beyond the existing ones. The latest version includes patient info terminal, consent forms and signature pad support. There is no additional license fee for multiple workstations or multiple clinics. All major radiography brands can integrate with Practice-Web software. We also provide interface to insurance databases, online patient eligibility check, consent forms with signature pad support, appointment reminder systems and several other third-party systems.

Here at Practice-Web, we have a revolutionary idea; to provide you high quality software that exceeds your practice management needs and achieve a goal of paperless office while keeping your costs low. If you like what you see, you can purchase this complete solution at a limited-time price of $1795 (List price $1995). It includes two hours of telephone training (web-based), an extensive user's guide (170 pages), 12 months toll-free support and all the product upgrades. After your first year, the annual support price with upgrades will be only $995 ($193 OFF), third year support fee will be $895 and will remain fixed until 2011 if renewed every year within 30 days of expiration.

Use a modern powerful database to organize your dental practice!
Practice-Web employs, MySQL a very powerful, very stable database running on millions of computers worldwide. It gives you extensive features that, until recently, were only available in databases costing tens of thousands of dollars.

System Requirements: Practice-Web Dental is designed to run on Windows XP/2000 or Windows Vista. The workstations can be running on Windows XP home or later. All computers must have a 1,2 GHz or higher CPU, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Disk, 15" LCD (flat panel) or a 17" CRT (standard).

How does Practice-Web Dental compare to other dental software: Practice-Web Dental has not been around as long as the big four dental software systems, however it is enhanced and supported by a team of software specialists serving the dental community since 1990. Practice-Web Dental has most of the features found in the expensive software systems including clinical charting and digital X-ray/image interfaces, however, at a fraction of the their cost. Several new features are being added bi-monthly and Practice-Web Dental exceeds the features offered by some of the expensive software systems. It excels in such areas as interfaces to third-party systems, custom export and reporting features. Its screens efficiently utilize the available area and combine lot of information at a glance.

Practice-Web Dental is divided into these major modules:

  • Appointments
  • Family (Patients)
  • Account
  • Charting & Images
  • Treatment Plans
  • Office Management
  • New! Signature Pad support & Real-time Patient Eligibility Check


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