Qualis-Seris Qualis-Delivery

Standard Features:

  1. Control for 3 air turbine handpieces
  2. Integrated chair/ unit/ light control panel with digital display
  3. Individual handpiece air and water coolant adjustment controls
  4. Handpiece flush switch
  5. Individually adjustable handpiece holder angle
  6. 1st handpiece out safety lock-out system
  7. Oil mist separator
  8. Master On/Off switch
  9. Doctor’s syringe (on Doctor’s delivery systems)
  10. Balance arm with pneumatic brake
  11. Pre-wired system for adding optional accessory devices
  12. Doctor’s control swing arm mounted bottled water system with bottle quick disconnect
  13. Foot control
  14. Q-5000 chair adapter
  15. Assistant syringe, HVE and SE (on Assistant Vac Pacs)
  16. Air and water quick disconnects with outlet flow control (on Assistant Vac Pacs)
  17. Height adjustable assistant instrument arm with 4 position holder (on Assistant Vac Pacs)