Eco-Sys Eds-Otp-Deliv

Standard Features:

  1. Control for 3 air turbine handpieces (all OTP doctor's delivery models)
  2. Control for 2 air turbine handpieces (all OTP hygiene delivery models)
  3. Master handpiece water coolant adjustment controls 
  4. Master handpiece air coolant adjustment control 
  5. Handpiece flush switch
  6. Master On/Off switch
  7. Doctor’s syringe (All doctor's OTP delivery models)
  8. Balance arm with pneumatic brake
  9. Pre-wired system for adding aftermarket add-on accessory devices
  10. Assistant instruments include HVE and SE (all OTP doctor's delivery models) 
  11. Hygiene models include HVE,  SE and Syringe (EDS-0604, 0605 & 0606) 
  12. Water quick disconnect (OTP doctor's delivery Models)
  13. Bottled water system
  14. Foot control
  15. Belmont Bel-20/50/PROII chair adapter
  16. Junction Box with floor utilities