Rayscan a (Alpha)

Rayscan Expert Features:

  1. Integrated Dental Image Management
    • SmartDent supports management and diagnosis of the CT/Panorama/Cephalo/Intraoral Sensor/Intraoral Camera images.
    • Use SMARTDent anywhere in the clinic and Intraoral Camera image acquisition.
  2. Enhanced Image Diagnosis Functionality
    • DICOM 3.0 is supported for 16bit high resolution image diagnosis.
    • Various Multi-view functions allow even more convenient diagnosis and efficient consultation.
  3. Convenient Patient and Image Search Function
    • Periodical and patient search by Modality functions are supported to enable simpler search of the desired patient.
    • Utilize the image search function by Modality to locate the desired image even faster.
  4. Touch Enviorment considered Simple UI
    • One Click leads to the location of the desired results, thus eliminating the unnecessary entry steps and providing the easiest and quickest user experince.
    • Modern and sophisticated graphics enhance both doctor and patient satisfaction.
    • Touch enviorment design allows use with both Slate PC and Tablet PC (MS supported operating system).
  5. Enhanced Implant Simulation Supported
    • Image based implant library is used for easy addition of implants of various manufacturers.
    • The implant color changing function allows you more efficient consultation.Minimized preparation time and enhanced user convenience.


SMARTDENT web (2D Web viewer - Optional):

  1. Features
    • Convenient use in PC, Tablet and Smart Phone.
    • Compatible with all operating system (Over Android 4.1, ios 6.0).
    • Optimal Viewing experience by Responsive Web Design.
    • No need to install software
  2. Linitations
    • Local Network only (Internet access is not supported).
    • Does not support Intraoral sensor & Intraroral camera acquisition



  1. Features
    • Panoramic images and Cross-sectional images provided.
    • MPR, MP, X-ray, VR and shading image provided.
    • Nerve canal drawing function provided.
    • Function for saving and sharing work course provided
    • DISCOM printer and CD/DVD burning function provided.