Rayscan a+ (Alpha Plus)

Leading through innovation

With industry firsts such as wireless remote-controller, light guided collimation and completely customizable FOV imaging,
RAY is at the forefront of developing powerful ideas into the world of dental imaging.

Going beyond ordinary

Our history with Samsung’s medical imaging division has brought new ideas to our dental imaging systems, including the unique collimation and completely customizable “Free FOV” of the RAYSCAN α+. Going beyond the fixed sizes of traditional FOV options, the RAYSCAN α+ reduces even further the patient’s exposure to radiation, eliminating all areas not needed for treatment planning.

High resolution images with lowest radiation dose

RAY has invested in research and development in order to produce a system that acquires high-definition images at the lowest possible radiation dose. Our technology combined with proprietary reconstruction algorithms results in extremely high-quality images. We will continue using our expertise cultivated over our years in medical and dental imaging to further our progress in image quality into the future.