Rayscan a+ (Alpha Plus)

RAYSCAN α+(Alpha plus) is the next evolution in RAY Company’s dedication to superior design, innovation and patient safety. The RAYSCAN α+ is a digital imaging solution with a new level of low-dose capability.

Proprietary algorithms deliver our best image quality yet with a minimum x-ray exposure. New Image reconstruction technology combined with a 4.9 second scanning time, results in minimized radiation exposure while maintaining high-quality image. The customizable “Free FOV” enables clinicians to select only the needed treatment area. Patient positioning and FOV collimation utilizes an industry-exclusive light-guided system.

  •  In comparison to our competitors, RAYSCAN α+ is the world leading innovative product which provides low dose options for your patients safety
  • FOV customization allows you to scan the area to fit your diagnostic needs
  • Pre-set FOV options allows you to scan conveniently pre-defined area.
  • Light-guided FOV patient positioning allows you to see the area being captured while it is super-imposed on the patient’s face, reducing the likelihood of retakes