Rex2 Sensor

The Rex2 digital sensor is the modern dentist’s sensor of choice. With more than 20,000 users worldwide you know that the Rex2 does not compromise on quality or safety. The durable Rex2 with the best exposure levels requires only 1/7 the radiation of traditional X-rays. The Rex2 is a complete radiography system that integrates with your image management and patient management software. The Rex2 is versatile and allows for image adjustments in terms of brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness. These adjustments allow for more accurate diagnosis. The Rex2 and its integrated USB connection ensures fast and convenient image capture. Its ergonomic design is flexible and comfortable to use.


The Rex2 is built to last. Durability and patient comfortably are built into every Rex2 sensor. We are so confident about our Rex2 that we include an accidental damage reimbursement based on a sliding scale. Rigorous testing ensures durability and reliability.

Image Quality

Every image the Rex2 produces optimal exposure. The Rex2 ensures the highest contrast resolution. This allows you to see small changes in enamel density which in turn allows for a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment plans. The Rex2’s high spatial resolution lets you see the fine details in image. Rex2 imaging uses low radiation doses. This low dose in turn reduces noise in the image to produce crystal clear images every time. Our software integration allows the Rex2 sensor to integrate with all the major image and patient management software. So you can store the images directly in the patients file.


The Rex2 attains the highest quality image with the lowest amount of radiation exposure. This ensures the safety of patients and operators alike. The Rex2 captures radiographs with high spatial and contrast resolutions using the lowest radiation doses possible. Our ration of radiation exposure is 1/7(Rex2 sensor images) to 1(film).