IMAX Easy Digital

The new I-Max Easy digital panoramic unit is the fruit of a perfect combination of recognized simplicity (as already seen in the analog version in use in more than 15,000 practices around the world) and very high precision digitalization.

I-Max Easy can be used for all the most common panoramic radiographs:

  • Standard adult or child panoramic
  • TMJ mouth open or closed
  • Sinus

It is fully integrated with QuickVision software, is easy to use, offers effective diagnoses based on digital technology and Owandy image processing - and all at a very advantageous price.

This system meets the most exacting standards of any practice and enhances patient satisfaction

Higher quality
The image is digitized at source, when the image is taken, to avoid the risk of information loss.

Greater control
Digital technology is very flexible and enables post-compensation of anomalies to “fix” any exposure errors.

A remarkable capacity for adaptation
With I-Max Easy, sharing resources becomes the key to profitably managing your practice, regardless of its current configuration.

Single-user or network installation
The USB 2.0 interface of the I-Max Easy can be connected easily to any PC with a USB port.

Group practice
The I-Max Easy is supplied with a Compact Flash card that can be used to store images without a PC connection. The removable card can then be taken to any other PC in the practice.

Greater diagnosis precision
Zoom in or out, reverse video, pseudo-colors, etc.

QuickVision software can manipulate the image in ways that help you better understand the patient’s pathology.

Additional benefits
Going digital will cut out developing costs and associated pollutants, and free up the space previously occupied by the darkroom.