Rayscan Expert

Hi Mr Patel,

I am still feeling like I made a great deal, the machine itself seems to be like some sort of extra advanced, UFO looking, most beautifully designed Pano- Ceph out there. Every body from patients to parents to staff have commented on the looks of it! You do have a phenomenal product with a great price and that will make you successful enough.

- J.C. Cadena, DDS, MS

Love the Rayscan unit. Learning new uses every day. Amazing! Able to give a scatter free CT scan and panorex in one. Also the new ability to convert a panorex into a FMX. Not to mention the aesthetic and wow factor that every patient gets when they can avoid intra oral sensors that are not comfortable.

Everyday uses in oral surgery, endodontics, and in restorative dentistry. The most amazing product I have in my office. Period. Dentists can't afford not to have one. The average dentist may ask how to justify the cost of a CT scan unit. One final point taking in to account with missed diagnose without proper imaging in today's competitive economy is doing a injustice to your patients. With Ashtel dental's support this technology is very affordable and easy to master.

-Nimesh Patel DDS

I have had the Rayscan Alpha CBCT unit in my office for about four months now, and I can say that it is a solid performer. The machine is solidly constructed and is esthetically appealing when placed in a visibly open area.

More importantly, the image quality is nothing short of excellent for both the CBCT and Pano images. The software included with the machine has been glitch-free and the installer connected the machine to my existing network with no issues. The acquisition software has been very stable, and the staff has found it easy to use and incorporate into the workflow of my office.

The 3D image reading software that comes with the machine is called Xelis, and it’s just a pleasure to use in the sense that it is very intuitive. It allows me to access and execute all the tasks involved in planning implant surgeries with ease and efficiency. The visual rendering of the 3D data is also excellent. I recommend this CBCT machine without reservation to any dental office in the market for a 3D scanner.

-Nick Patel DDS