RIO Sensor

SMARTDent, Accelerator of digitalization

High definition images are delivered by using the software which also provides convenience to your office and features including, but not limited to, managing, acquiring and or saving images from periapical (PA) sensors, intraoral camera, and panoramic x-ray.

RIOview, a higher level of convenience in image processing

Explore your options with RIOView, and enjoy the ability to modify your images and save them with multiple configurations. Image processing only takes a few simple clicks and includes a variety of filters for any diagnostic need, and have the capability to save the images with their modifications.

Full Mouth X-ray (FMX) function

FMX functionality provides the convenience of extracting a full mouth series from a patient’s panoramic image.

RAYSCAN Web (Optional item)

RAYSCAN web allows clinicians to access their clinical data from tablets and smart phones

Please note that as a generic viewing application RAYSCAN web is not suited for diagnostic purposes, however is an excellent tool for communication based on images retrieved from DB.