RIO Sensor

Extraordinary technology with sharp images

The RIOSensor provides sharp and crystal clear images by maximizing the active area using the CMOS APS. In addition, proprietary algorithms significantly reduce the image noise and scatter, resulting in high contrast, and detailed images are provided by using the cesium iodide (Csl) scintillator. True image resolution of 20.0Lp/mm, and theoretical resolution 25.0 Lp/mm

Shock-absorbing mechanism and durability

RAY continues to implement superior engineering processes so that we deliver the most durable and reliable product possible. The robotic joint cable attached to the RIOSensor prevents the cable from tearing. Our sensors are designed to absorb any shock from incidental bites or impacts, while eliminating inline controls which can serve as an additional point of failure.

Ergonomic design and convenient use

The ergonomic design minimizes discomfort for patients.

By removing a control box, you can control the sensor by connecting directly to USB connector. Different sizes are also available for general and pediatric dentistry. Size 1 is for Pediatric offices, or adult patients with limit opening and size 2 is for general dentistry.